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hola babies

I'm Bear and I'm the owner of this cute lil site Saturn, we're pretty chill here and we enjoy memes. I hope you enjoy my content and find everything you need to make your cute ass signs, layouts, etc. Remember to leave me some love on facebook and credit me if you use anything! You're all so fucking cute and I hope you have a lovely day.


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preppy text tutorial

what you'll need:
- adobe photoshop (i have cc but i'm sure this works for cs4-cs6)
- some photoshop knowledge.

step one

I'm using the font Jocham. Type out your text, color it, and add your text settings. Right click the text layer and click Rasterize Type. If that doesn't work on your version of Photoshop, just create a new layer, drag it under the text layer and merge them together. Duplicate the text layer and drag it underneath. On the duplicate, make sure your Move tool is selected and press the down arrow on your keyboard two times and the right arrow two times. Go to Blending Options and add either a #eeeeee or #333333 color overlay depending on whether your sign/header is light or dark. Now either rasterize the layer or merge it down with a blank layer.

step two

Duplicate your original text layer and drag the new one under the other two. Press your down arrow four times and the right arrow four times. Go up to Filter>Noise>Add Noise and match these settings:

You should have this so far:

step three

Merge all the text layers together. Go to Blending Options and add a 2px stroke with a gradient of your color scheme. Rasterize the layer or merge it down with a blank layer. Now go back to Blending Options and add a 2px stroke of either #eeeeeee or #333333 depending on which color you used earlier. Add a drop shadow or some grunge if you want and you're done! I don't recommend scanlines for this 'cause when I tried it looked kinda ugly.

finished product

If this tutorial helped you leave me a comment in the c-box letting me know! If there's anything about this tutorial that you think I can improve, let me know as well. I always love to hear feedback from you guys.