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animated gif tutorial

what you'll need:
- adobe photoshop (i have cc but i'm sure this works for cs4-cs6)
- your photoshop must have a timeline and cannot be a portable version. i don't know why it doesn't work on portable versions of photoshop, but it just doesn't. i recommend using the program straight from adobe. if you can't afford it just check out this link that'll teach you how to get the program straight from adobe for free by making the free trial last forever.
- a youtube video. you can choose literally any youtube video you want. i'm using this kali uchis one.
- a youtube video converter. this will basically allow you to download a youtube into your computer as an mp4 file. this is the one i'm using and the one i recommend 'cause there's a bunch of other shady ones on the internet.

step one

Once you have the video you want to gif, go to the video converter and enter the link to the video into the text bar. Click the arrow and wait for it to convert. Make sure it's set at the highest quality (MP4 720 or higher) and then click download.

step two

Once your video has downloaded, go to Photoshop and go to File>Import>Video Frames To Layers. If it tells you DynamicLink is needed and you've downloaded program straight from Adobe, just close PS and reopen it and try again. It happens to me all the time and idk why. Anyways you should get a lil popup window that says "Initializing video import" and when the bar is done filling up it should open your files so you can look for the video you're using and open it. This window should then pop up:

This is where you convert the frames in the video into layers. Unless your video is less than around 500 seconds long and you wanna gif the entire video, you're gonna wanna choose "Selected Range Only" instead of "From Beginning To End". This will allow you to only convert into layers the part of the video you wanna gif. Make sure "Limit to every 2 frames" is unchecked, and make sure "Make Frame Animation" is checked. If you don't know which part you wanna gif yet, you can just click the little play icon and the video will start playing, then you can click stop when you've reached the part you wanna gif. Now notice the two little arrows at the bottom of the video player. You have to drag the first one right to the exact point when the moment you want to gif begins, and the second one to the exact point when it ends. Actually it doesn't have to be exact, if you keep in some parts you don't want in the gif, you can delete them later, just make sure the moment you wanna gif is inside the arrows. To confirm this, just click play again and the part of the video that's inside the arrows should begin playing. Once you have what you wanna gif inside the arrows, click Ok. Note that PS will only convert up to 500 frames because that's the limit PS has, so make sure you don't choose a really long moment.

step three

The next part might either be quick or take a while, and it basically consists of the frames being converted into layers. This depends on the amount of frames that were inside the two little arrows. Once it's done converting, it's gonna open up a really big document, so just resize it and/or crop it to whatever size you want the gif to be. This might take a while again because it's resizing a really big document. Once it's done resizing you're gonna wanna open your timeline (unless it's already open). Go to Window>Timeline and it should pop up at the bottom of your screen. This is where all the frames are. Here's where you delete any part of the video that you didn't want in your gif. Look through the frames and click the frame where the part you don't want starts, then press Shift on your keyboard and click the very last frame to select all the frames you want to delete. Then simply click the little trash can icon at the bottom to delete them.

step four

We're gonna time the gif. Notice the little decimal number that's on each frame. It should say 0.04 but it doesn't matter. This number stands for the frame delay, aka how many seconds the frame will appear. 0.04 will make the gif way too fast, so make sure every single frame is selected, and click the number on any one of the frames. We should then have a menu with different options of delays, plus an option named "Other". Click that one and enter 0.07, which is my personal go-to. You can honestly choose whatever delay you want, just know that anything under 0.05 will be way too fast and anything over 0.07 will be way too slow. Click Ok and every frame should now say the delay you chose.

step five

Making sure all the frames are still selected, go up to Select>All Layers and that should select all the layers. Then go back to your timeline and click this little icon:

You should then have a different kind of video timeline. Your frames will have disappeared and you'll now have a track similar to one on a video editing program. Then you wanna go up to Layer>Smart Objects>Convert to Smart Objects. Now all your layers should have disappeared and you should be left with one smart object layer. If you click play on the timeline, your gif should begin playing. If it looks pixelated while it plays, don't worry, it won't look like that in the end.

step six

This next step is optional, but personally I love editing my gifs to make sure they look nice and good quality. If you don't wanna edit your gif you can skip this step and go to the next to learn how to save your gif. To edit your gif, first you wanna sharpen it. Go to Filter>Sharpen>Smart Sharpen. Match your settings to mine:

Next we're gonna color the gif. To do this, just play around in the Adjustments until you like how it looks.

step seven

To save a gif we can't use the "Save As" option we're used to. If you have CC, go up to File>Export>Save For Web (Legacy). If you have an older version, go to File>Save For Web. This will save the gif as an actual .gif file instead of a non-animated type of format. On the window that pops up, you're gonna wanna match these settings:

You can kinda play around and see what you like best, but these are my go-to settings and personally I like my gifs better this way. Then you're gonna wanna make sure the Looping Options are set to "Forever" and not "Once" or else the gif will literally only play once and not repeat. To preview your gif and make sure everything looks the way you want before you save it, click the little play button under the Looping Options and it should give you a live preview of what your gif looks like. When you're done click Save and that's it!

finished product

Thanks for using this tutorial. Let me know if it helped and if there's any questions you have don't hesitate to ask me on Facebook! If there's anything you think I can do to improve my tutorials, please let me know as well!