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welcome babies

I'm Bear and I'm the owner of this cute lil site Saturn, we're pretty chill here and we enjoy memes. I hope you enjoy my content and find everything you need to make your cute ass signs, layouts, etc. Remember to leave me some love in the cbox and let me know if you save anything! You're all so fucking cute and I hope you have a lovely day.



Owned by: Bear
Opened: July 16, 2018
Version: 3 (Christmas Layout)
Online/Hits: |


all content here was made or bought by me unless stated otherwise.
if you save anything, please make sure to let me know in the c-box.
if you use my content on your site, please add me to your credits list, and if you use anything in a sign, make sure to tag me on it on facebook so i can see! i always love seeing how you guys end up using my content!
don't steal/copy/redistribute anything.